Monday, December 3, 2007

To complete the Fodora 8 Installation

There are some repositories which I strongly recommend Fedora Users to check out. You will need them to complete your Fedora installation with required desired packages:
  1. Fedora Solved:
  2. Linva:
  3. JPackage:
  4. DAG Archive:
  5. FreshRPMS:
  6. Adobe Repository:
  7. And more unofficially made RPMS: check package list here
In my case I needed to have
  • A reliable Java Runtime and Development Kit
  • Working tweaked drivers for Video, Sound, WiFi
  • Multimedia Software, for mp3, mp4, flv, ogg ....
  • Some Web Browsers with essential plugins and add-ons
  • PDF Readers
  • Fine Farsi Fonts
1. Java Development packages

2. Drivers (Nvidia Display Adapter)

3. Multimedia Softwares (xmms, VLC Player)

4. Web Browsers (Firefox, Opera + Addons)
- Flash Player
- Video Downloader (Video Download Helper)
- Theme ( MacFoxII Graphit)
Firefox Essential Plugins:

Download and install opera from:
Don't forget Flash Player plugin

5. Acrobat Reader
Just add the adobe repository, this rpm from Adobe will do that for you:

then just use yum to install or update Adobe products:
yum install acroread

6. Farsi Fonts

7. Firefox Plugins

(It's not completed yet. I'll do it whenever I find a piece of time :) )

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