Monday, December 3, 2007

Fedora 8 - little tricks for installation

This time, I had to install Fedora 8 on my laptop, there were two problems in my case:
  1. Installer DVD stops and never continue when reaches "Loading /sbin/loader"
  2. I have 4 primary partitions that is full! and Fedora 8 wants a primary one for /boot
  • The first problem is very weird, it took me two days and I finally got the solution on the web:
It seems, it was a known and popular problem, to get rid of it just add this boot options to DVD Installer boot options:
floppy.allowed_drive_mask=0 clocksource=acpi_mp

  • For the second problem: The Installer has a partition tool, which allow you make a desired custom layout but it won't let you create a layout without a primary partition for boot use. It just says something weired, something "There is not enough space to create the partition".
But the solution:
As you may consider it is the problem with partition creation, so I booted by Hiren Utility CD, and did the partition stuff with Acronis Partition Director Suite, such that all of the partitions be logical, then came back to Fedora Installer, and just set the mount points, and Installer passed the partitioning step. That's all.

As a note: In conventional partition scheme, also known as "Fdisk Partiotion Scheme" just 4 primary partitions are possible. Thus, for systems which need more than 4 Partitions, one of them is used as a an extended partition which has a separate table and could include much more partitions as logical type.

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